School Reviews

Solidified My Passion

"This (school) has solidified my passion for being a Santa Claus and touching the lives of children and their adults."

Santa Dieter S. 

For Rookie & Seasoned Santas

"Very good seminar with benefits for rookie and seasoned Santas."

Santa Chuck M.

Santas Are People Who Care

"Wonderful to discuss details of dress, marketing and legal concerns for Santa as a business. Santas are people who care. Nice to see how they make peoples lives better."

Santa Curtis J. 

Easy to Understand

"John is very knowledgeable and presents the information in an easy to understand  method."

Santa Patrick S. 

Amazing Experience

"Amazing experience. Ways to make your journey as Santa even better!"

Mrs. Claus, Victoria S. 

An Honor to Attend

"It was an honor to attend. Santa John is a wealth of experience and knowledge. Attending his school is like a talk with your grandfather, if your grandfather was Santa Claus."

Santa Joshua L.