Let's Get Your book Published

10 Steps to Your New Book

  1. You write your book anyway that works for you. If handwritten, it will need to be entered into a word processing program on a PC or a Mac.
  2. I review your file and perform preliminary formatting and print out the first draft.
  3. I review each chapter for grammar, wording and punctuation. 
  4. You print the, hopefully, final draft of the book for you to review one last time.
  5.  Together we set up your book online.  
  6. Together we design the cover
  7. I download the proper template for your book design and create and submit the final cover and book files for printing.
  8. The book formatting is reviewed online by the printer.
  9. I make any adjustments in formatting needed and resubmit if necessary.
  10. You approve the final format online and order a Proof copy of your book.

Copyright, Marketing & Pricing

  • You own the copyright.
  • You have complete control of all marketing.
  • You have complete control of all sales channels in the US and internationally.
  • You have complete control of all pricing.


The only costs are for my time. Once I see your files I can give you an estimate of the time required and my fees.

There is no other costs until you order your Proof Copy. For a 200 page book, that should be under $10.00, including shipping.

From then on you only pay for copies you want to personally sell or give away.