Types of Santa Events

The Magic of Christmas with North Pole Marketing

Either Santa Claus or
Bishop Nicholas of Myra (St. Nicholas)
are available year round
for many types of events and activities.

Bishop Nicholas of Myra, aka St. Nicholas

  • Retail events featuring a visit with Santa Claus
  • Home visits any time of the year
  • Hospital and hospice visits
  • Special sales events
  • Presentations to church groups, business groups
      and other groups
  • Filming of promotional videos and commercial advertising
  • Advent and Christmas worship services
  • Christmas oriented activities any time of the year
  • Special gifts (engagement rings, new cars, etc.) delivered by Santa Claus

The Magic of Christmas with North Pole Marketing

Santa does not usually participate in activities that do not include children or that include alcohol unless they are fund-raising or business events.

Santa does not participate in any activity where there is smoking inside the same location.Santa volunteers or reduces his fees for many events that help children. For other events there will be a fee to help defray his costs for activities beyond his annual world–wide tour on Christmas Eve. 

Experienced Professional Santa


The Magic of Christmas with North Pole Marketing

  • Santa John is as close to the real deal as it gets! He is very professional, excellent with children (and parents), has many wonderful ideas and really knows what he is doing. We get many compliments from our customers when we have him in our store.
    Kirsten Pellicer
    Owner & Vice President
    Ace Hardware
    Longmont, CO 
  • John is the best Santa in the area. He is professional, kind, and gentle as Santa. Combine that with a great storytelling style and detailed knowledge of all things Santa and you can't go wrong! During the holidays seeing Santa can be intimidating to young kids. John knows just how to keep them at ease and engage them in the wonder of the season.
    Aimee Woods
    Adjunct Professor
    Front Range Community College and Professional Vocalist
    Loveland, CO 
  • Santa (John Chilson) paid a surprise visit to our grandchildren at our home and was truly amazing. He was wonderful with the children and even had the undivided attention of all of the adults.Santa did a wonderful job of planning his visit and arrived at the exact time that we had agreed upon.

    He truly pays attention to each and every detail. The names of our grandchildren were printed in his "Nice" book and brought the biggest smile from our 5 year old grandchild. His wonderful stories are still talked about today!

    The most memorable thing from his visit was when the 6 year old told us "That was the REAL Santa because his beard was stuck in his skin like our eyebrows!"  We plan on making the Santa visit an annual event for our grandchildren and would highly recommend John Chilson!

    Harry Lozinski
    Longmont, CO 


The Magic of Christmas with North Pole Marketing

  • Real bearded Santa
  • Active Santa Claus since 1999
  • Meets with hundreds of children  every year
  • Available year–round
  • Custom–made Outfits
  • Performance Liability Insurance *
  • Annual FBI Background Report *
  • Drug tests as requested
  • Annual Flu shot
  • Experience as a “Mall Santa”
  • Author of “North Pole Santa Claus Guide” (Available on Amazon.com)
  • Founder and lead instructor at North Pole Santa School

* Copies available upon request  

Broad Experience

The Magic of Christmas with North Pole Marketing

 In addition to many home visits,
here are some other recent events:

  • Ace Hardware, Longmont, CO  — Visit & Photos with Santa
  • Callahan House, Longmont, CO  — Holiday Open House
  • City of Longmont, CO  — Holiday Lights — Santa’s Workshop — Parade of Lights
  • First National Bank, Longmont, CO  — Visits & Photos with Santa
  • Hoverhome, Longmont, CO  — Holiday Open House
  • Left Hand Brewing Company, Longmont, CO  — Toy Collection for OUR Center
  • Longmont Fire Department  – Christmas Party
  • Longmont Museum & Cultural Center  — Holiday Festival — Pancakes with Santa
  • Longmont United Hospital  — Lighting Lights of Love
  • OUR Center, Longmont, CO  — Christmas Day Toy Delivery
  • Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association  — Annual Christmas Party
  • Samples World Bistro  — Visits with Santa
  • The Flower Bin, Longmont, CO  — Holiday Open House
  • The Fox Hill Club, Longmont, CO  — Holiday Brunch with Santa
  • The Longmont Channel 8  — TV Programs with Santa
  • Town of Lyons, CO — Parade of Lights and Holiday Bazaar
  • Used Book Emporium, Longmont, CO  — Reading Stories to Children
  • Various Churches, Longmont, CO  — Advent Service with Bishop Nicholas of Myra, aka St. Nicholas
  • Various Nursing Homes and Extended Care Facilities
  • Various Rotary Clubs,  Longmont, CO  — Talking with children

Active Participation

The Magic of Christmas with North Pole Marketing

Santa Event Activities

The Magic of Christmas with North Pole Marketing

These are some of the activities that Santa will enjoy with children (and adults) at your event. The exact sequence and which activities Santa uses are normally selected “on the fly” based on the situation, the size of the group and the time available. To request that a specific activity be included or left out, please contact Santa at least one day before the event. Note: the time shown after each activity is only approximate and will vary depending upon the group.

  1. Santa tells about growing up and how he became “Santa Claus” (5 - 10 minutes)
    Note: This activity explains the Christian history of Santa Claus.  You must specifically request that Santa NOT include this activity or it may be included.
  2. Santa explains how his “Magic Christmas Key” unlocks any door on Christmas Eve while the key is passed around by the children (5 minutes)
  3. Santa and the children play the “What would he/she NOT  like for Christmas?” game (10-15 minutes)
  4. Santa checks and updates the “Nice List” (5-15 minutes)
  5. Santa leads singing of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” (5 minutes)
  6. Santa tells the story of how he met the reindeer and explains why he doesn’t use alligators or elephants to pull the sleigh (10 minutes)
  7. Santa explains why carrots are bad for reindeer (5 minutes)
  8. Santa displays the magic Reindeer Bells and explains how they help Santa keep on schedule while delivering toys  (5 minutes)
  9. Santa tells the “True Story About Rudolph” (10 minutes)
  10. Santa leads singing of “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” (5 minutes)
  11. Santa tells how he met and married Mrs. Claus (10 minutes)
  12. Santa explains that we have an angel or star on top of our Christmas Trees to remind us of the angels and star of Bethlehem when Jesus was born (5-10 minutes) Note: This activity ties the birth of Jesus to the celebration of Christmas. You must specifically request that Santa NOT include this activity or it may be included.
  13. Santa answers any and all questions children have about Santa, the North Pole and the elves (10-15 minutes)

Santa Event FAQ's

The Magic of Christmas with North Pole Marketing

Are you available all year long?
Yes, I am available all year long. I am invited to a number of events throughout the year.

How do I promote Santa’s visit at my event?

  • Begin at least 8 to 10 weeks before the event date.
  • I will meet with you to help plan and implement your event promotions. There is no charge for the first hour of planning.
  • If you would like a free PDF poster or a MS Word file for a poster you may customize, please send me an email
  • Consider providing a Spanish version of your promotions, especially if Santa's Hispanic Elf will be participating.

Will you volunteer to participate in our event?
Perhaps, every year I volunteer for many events. These are usually non–profit organizations or groups such as a visit to the Longmont Fire Department annual Christmas party or a visit to the Longmont OUR Center to distribute presents or a visit to the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association Christmas Party or at Longmont United Hospital.

If your group helps other people in any way, please contact me. If you know of a child or family that could use a special gift of love from Santa, please contact me anytime — 24 x 7 x 365. If I can’t volunteer I may be able to provide a significant discount or recommend another qualified professional Santa Claus who can help you.

How do you set your fees?

A significant portion of my fees is used to pay for the following…

  • Maintenance and replacement for my custom–made outfits and equipment, including Santa’s Chair.
  • Performance Liability Insurance
  • Annual Background Check
  • Membership in appropriate professional organizations
  • Car mileage — over 1,000 miles a year for business
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Continued training
  • Cost of volunteering at over 20% of my events
  • The amount of time I have available

Why is a retainer payment required to reserve your time?

Once my time is gone I cannot reclaim it – the legal term is that my time is not fungible or able to be replaced. Therefore I require a non-refundable retainer to hold your event on my schedule. 

If I cancel I will refund your payment as described in the Performance Agreement. If you cancel then the Performance Agreement explains the percent of the total fee that you will owe.

Why do you require a Performance Agreement be signed?

After several last minute cancellations and inappropriate requests from the event host after I arrived, I decided to follow the practice of many professional entertainers and request a signed Performance Agreement for events where I do not volunteer.

Why do you send out “Guidelines” for Santa’s visit?

Over the years I have found that many people, especially the first time, do not consider all aspects of having a professional performer at their event. One year I had to park several blocks away and walk through a snow storm to arrive at an event — now I ask for a reserved parking place near the door. 

Another time the event host wanted me to sit in my full Santa suit next to a roaring fire place in a flimsy folding chair — now I specify the location and type of chair. 

Please read the guidelines carefully, they will help make Santa’s visit more fun and safer for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the guidelines, please contact me, preferably before you sign the Performance Agreement.

Do you have special insurance?

Yes, I participate in a group Performance Liability Insurance Policy. I will be happy to provide full details if you wish. I can also add your organization to the “Loss Payable To” clause and provide you with a copy for your records.

Do you have a background check?Yes, I have an annual background check performed by the FBI or comparable organization. I can email you a copy if you would like to see it.

What is the best way to contact you?The front page of this web site contains my contact information. Email always works best.