Let's Build Your Website TOGETHER

Building Your Website

Thanks to a new online website builder, creating your own website is now easier than word processing, lots faster and hosting and software packages start as low as $5.99 per month. Plus cell phone and tablet layouts are created automatically. 

Why You Might Want A Website

Your website is your online sales brochure. Use your business card to give out your web address. Use your website to show what you can do and how others love what you do.

Sell Online

For only $29.99 per month you can have a hosting and software page and a complete online store that you can easily update yourself.

How Do We Build My Website?

Building a website with North Pole Marketing

  1. While I can guide you, you are responsible for providing all content -- photos, descriptions, information about you and what you do.
    Note: You must have a signed release from the parents of any underage children who appear in your photos.
  2. I will guide you as you set up a website development account and provide it with payment information. You will own and have total control over access to your development account.
  3. I will log into your account and begin building your web site. We will be on the phone together and you will be able to log into your website and see everything I do. You will be able to see all changes I make within seconds of my making them. You will also be able to see your website instantly on a smart phone or tablet.
  4. As your website develops you will be able to watch and learn how to quickly and easily make changes.